Gym Reimbursement

Being healthy has its own positive benefits for you and your family members.  Just in case you needed an extra reason to be healthy, the Phalcon Wellness program offers incentives for participation in our programs including gift cards, challenge prizes, swag, or sometimes just bragging rights!

Our Wellness Program is administered through the WellRight platform. Specific incentives are available for participating and achieving certain milestones. Learn more here.

In addition, Phalcon has two ongoing wellness incentives for all benefits eligible employees: Gym Reimbursement and Bring Your Own Fitness Device

Gym Membership Reimbursement

Each Phalcon company has a slightly different gym reimbursement program.  Some partner with local gyms for discounted rates, others have on-site facilities free to use, and others reimburse for attending a fitness center of your choice.

Please check with your wellness leaders at your company for more details about how you can get reimbursed for attending a fitness center.   To be eligible for reimbursement you must attend 10 times per month.   You must apply for reimbursement and provide a printout showing gym attendance.

  • McPhee – special monthly discount at Malibu Fitness, no annual fee, no commitment
    • If you belong to a different gym you are eligible for reimbursement of $10/month, reimbursed quarterly, by submitting an expense report and proof of attending 10x per month to Ellen
    • McPhee employees can also receive discounts at Sculpt Fitness Personal Training & Lifestyle Center for personal training or group classes
  • McPhee New Jersey – reimbursement is available for any gym at up to $35/month by submitting an expense report and proof of attending 10x per month  to Andrew
  • JE Richards – Utilize the on-site gym facility or apply for reimbursement for your gym membership with John Fazio.  Reimbursement is at a value of $20 per month with proof of attendance 10 times per month.
  • Harlan– Utilize the on-site gym facility in the warehouse or apply for reimbursement of your gym or other fitness memberships.  Reimbursement levels are typically percentages and can vary.