Bring Your Own Fitness Device

Being healthy has it’s own positive benefits for you and your family members.  Just in case you needed an extra reason to be healthy, the Phalcon Wellness program offers incentives for participation in our programs including gift cards, challenge prizes, swag, or sometimes just bragging rights!

Our Wellness Program is administered through the WellRight platform. Specific incentives are available for participating and achieving certain milestones. Learn more here.

In addition, Phalcon has two ongoing wellness incentives for all benefits eligible employees: Gym Reimbursement and Bring Your Own Fitness Device

Bring Your Own Fitness Device Program

With so many fitness trackers on the market today, Phalcon has opted for a flat reimbursement policy to allow employees to choose the brand, model, and color of device they prefer to wear effective June 2018.

Phalcon will reimburse a $75 flat rate for an employee’s first device only.

Criteria for Reimbursement:

  • Must be a Benefits Eligible Employee
  • Must wait until date of eligibility for medical benefits (1st of the month following 60 days of employment)
  • New Employee or Existing Employee who has not previously obtained a Fitbit (or other) device from the wellness program

Submit the attached reimbursement form to your local wellness coordinator: BYOFD Reimbursement Form 

The $75 reimbursement will be treated as an expense and will be paid through payroll.

We recommend choosing a device that will sync to our WellRight portal including Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple Health, Polar, Garmin

At this time, the wellness program does not provide funding or reimbursement towards second devices.


As of May 2018, our discount program for Fitbit devices was terminated.

Fitbit Troubleshooting

I’ve lost my fitbit!  Check out these helpful hints from Fitbit. Phalcon only provides one device per employee per lifetime.

I put it through the wash. Stick it in a bag of rice… really!  We’ve seen some success with this method.  Check out helpful tips from Fitbit for wet trackers.

My fitbit isn’t charging or syncing. Phalcon does not warranty the Fitbit products but Fitbit itself has been very good with troubleshooting and warranty of their products.  When logged in to your dashboard on your computer, click the settings icon in the top right corner.  Go to help and choose your device.  Check through the forums and recommended steps for troubleshooting your device first.  If you’re not successful, scroll down and choose ‘Contact Support.’  A wellness committee member can provide you the receipt for your device – just ask us!