The Be Positive Challenge invites you to stop complaining for 30 days starting on August 1st. Negativity and constant complaining can not only drag you down a dark road, but it can infectiously do the same to those around you.

Join the challenge on WellRight by visiting or using your WellRight mobile app.

Challenge Runs: August 1st to August 31st.

Looking for some ways to boost your mood?

Try Happify! 

We’re committed to helping you take control of your health – and that includes your emotional health. Cigna has partnered with Happify, a free app with science-based games and activities that are designed to help you:

• Defeat negative thoughts

• Gain confidence

• Reduce stress and anxiety

• Increase mindfulness and emotional well-being

• Boost health and performance

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Ways to Stay Positive

If you’re in a negative situation, which is sometimes beyond your control, try to take a step back and ask yourself the following:

  • What is one thing that is positive or good about this situation?
  • What is one opportunity within this situation?

Doing so can help you focus on the positive aspects of an otherwise less than pleasant situation and maintain some optimism. What you shouldn’t do is wonder how things will get worse or why you’re stuck in that situation. This may be easier said than done, we know, but it’s a starting point towards a positive mindset.

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