Our wellness program resets July 1st!

We are excited about our next year of wellness for employees, spouses, and their families.

Download the 2020-2021 Program Guide here:

Some noteworthy changes for 2020-2021 are:

We’re increasing potential awards by $200 across all plan types!

Addition of Electric Level – an ‘introductory’ level so to speak where achievement awards a $300 HSA deposit from Phalcon for completing two actions: SayAhh Annual Physical & Biometric Screening

Removal of Power Level

Change in Preventive Requirements – Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have loosened preventive care activities for the year ahead. Each preventive visit is still worth 50 points, but we are ONLY requiring the SayAhh annual physical for achievement of Electric Level and Voltage level.

Addition of Divisional Challenges – Each major Phalcon company is sponsoring 3 challenges throughout the year. Together we’ll have 12 monthly challenges focused on building healthy habits under various aspects of wellbeing

New Education – We’re partnering with some friends of the Phalcon Wellness Program to create custom University courses tailored to our population’s needs. These will launch throughout the year.

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