The Phalcon Wellness Program encourages a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

The Phalcon Wellness program was developed in 2012 to promote employee health & well-being.  Phalcon is a leader in its field, so its no surprise that we were on the forefront of the employee wellness trend and have been able to provide a multi-dimensional program that has received recognition and awards from organizations like Cigna, the Wellness Council of America, and the American Heart Association.

The Phalcon Wellness Program leads you on a path toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle created through these key aspects:

Emotional | Financial | Occupational | Physical | Social | Purpose

Our program is open to all benefits eligible employees regardless if they take or waive Phalcon’s medical plan.  Additionally, our program is open to all spouses whether they are on Phalcon’s medical plan, have their own coverage through an employer, or their spouse waives Phalcon’s coverage.

Today, we have partnered with WellRight to administer our wellness program to allow for access by all employees, whether they are in the office or more often on the road.  Visit https://phalcon.wellright.com to enroll in the program and join the fun!